(V4) February 2015 - ConceptShare Update

ConceptShare Features Update
February 2015 


Every month, we release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, to make sure we’re helping our customers manage their creative production process as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the biggest new features and updates we’ve added this month.

This month we set out to do a series of small updates to ConceptShare’s user interface as well as overall functionality to catch up with feedback we have heard from our customers.

Animated Flash Movie Support
We have extended our asset engine to include support for Flash Movies. As of this release, animated movies can be uploaded to ConceptShare and they will be processed as videos. All the options available for videos in the Annotator and throughout the application are available. You can always download the original asset in flash native format. At this time, interactive movies are not supported.

Permissions for Review Approvals
Globally approving or rejecting an asset under review is an important feature, but only under certain circumstances. In this release, we give account administrators the ability to restrict reviewers from doing global approvals/rejections that override the responses from the other reviewers. The new permission can be found in the Project Roles section of the Settings menu.

Single Sign Out
As part of an integration where single sign­on is leveraged, it is also desirable to allow integrators to provide a URL to redirect the user when they sign­out of the ConceptShare application (which will subsequently log them out of all the other federated systems). This url can now be set in the account options tab of the administration panel.

IE9 Optimized PDF Processing
We know that some organizations do not yet have the option to make use of the latest version of Internet Explorer, or use other browsers. Because of this, we have done some optimizations to our asset processing engine to generate rasterized versions of PDF files uploaded to ConceptShare. These versions have increased backwards compatibility with IE9. This option can be toggled from the Rendering section of the Instance Settings.

Optional Comment Drafts
Saving a comment as a draft can be a liability in some regulated environments. Users can often forget to publish their drafts and important feedback may be lost in the process. In this release, we give account administrators the ability to hide the “Save as Draft” button from the Annotator interface. This way, reviewers must publish their feedback at all times.

Create Date for Reviews
The review screen now exposes the review creation date. Reviews can also be filtered by this column.

Compare Mode Asset List
When launching into compare mode from the annotator. The default list of assets to compare against were other assets in the same folder. However, a more common scenario is to compare against previous versions of the same asset, so we have now made that list the default. One less click on your daily workflow.

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