(V4) October 2014 - ConceptShare Update

ConceptShare Features Update (October 2014)

Every month, we release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, to
make sure we’re helping our customers manage their creative production process as efficiently
as possible. Here are some of the biggest new features and updates we’ve added this month.

Improved User Experience with Reviews
ConceptShare Review screen has been re­designed to provide a better user experience. The
layout has changed to be easier to understand, additional information is presented within the
review screen and additional actions can be performed on the review and on the assets.

Layout Changes
The first thing to notice is the location of the review instructions. Those can now be found at the
top of the review screen. You can expand the panel whenever you need to see the instructions or
you can keep it collapsed to gain more screen space to work with your review.

The filter bar allows you now to sort your assets by type of response, and by asset name. You
can additionally switch between “Thumbnail” and “List” view as you can do in other areas of

Another change is the new Asset Properties sidebar. Now the default action when selecting an
asset from the list is to show its properties on the sidebar. You can see a larger preview of the
asset along with buttons to provide your responses, or launch the asset in the annotator.

At the right side of the Review Title bar you can find a convenience “Edit Review” button which
allows you to prompt the edit dialog from within the review. No more going back and forth to
make changes to the review configuration and work with the review.
Finally, to submit your draft responses all you have to do is click the “Submit” button as opposed
to having to close the review and accept the submission of responses in the warning prompt.

Additional Information
The new properties sidebar offers a tabbed interface from where you can see the progress of
the review, including total counts per type of response and the specific list of reviewers and their

Another tab shows you information about the Asset, including any available custom fields, and
the Versions tab shows you the history of the asset within the review. You can see all the
previous versions created for the asset since it started along with the results of previous review
iterations. You can also launch the older version on the annotator, or compare against the
current version.

The new instructions panel will show you also additional information for the review, such as
Status, Due Date, and the Tags that will be set upon approval.

New “Defer” responses
Based on feedback from our customers, with this new version we introduce a new type of review
response. The “Defer” response allows a reviewer to indicate that they do not have anything to
say about the current iteration of the review process. They do not “Approve” or “Reject”, but the
“Defer” action gives the flexibility to let the review process to move forward.

Deferring acts as a soft approval with regards to the auto­approval setting of reviews. For
example, an asset to be reviewed by three people will be auto­approved if two approve and one

The review can additionally be configured to prompt the deferring reviewer to name another
resource that they would be deferring to. In this scenario, the reviewer doing the deferral must
specify another user account to be added to the review before they can complete their defer

Additional UI Toggles
At ConceptShare we have always been proud of how much flexibility our solution offers to our
customers. And with this release we have taken it one step further. The new User Interface
Toggles allows account administrators to turn on and off different UI elements.

Main Navigation Items
All the menu items available from the main navigation sidebar at the left are now toggable. You
can show and hide individual elements or control the visibility of the entire sidebar at once.

Project Tabs
Deliverables, Reviews, Resources and Settings can be individually controlled so that they do not
appear in the interface if you do not make use of those capabilities of the project administration.

Enhanced Options for Annotator
One constant feedback that we hear from customers is that they would like to do more from
within our Annotator interface. And with this release our customers will be pleased. We have
expanded our annotator sidebar to let you work with more than just comments. We have split the
user interface into collapsible panels to let you work with Asset related information and with
Review information.

Asset Info Panel
The new asset info panel will show you additional information about the asset that you are
working with. Description, version, tags, author and creation information are all organized in this
panel for quick access. You can also see File specific information such as the original file name,
type, dimensions and storage size. Not only can you see all of this pieces of information but you
can also update the asset properties from within the annotator. The context menu at the top right
will allow you to perform all the action that you can do from the Assets tab of ConceptShare.

Review Panel
When you launch an asset directly from a review, the Annotator will load in “Review Mode”. This
means that an additional panel will be presented with information about the review of that asset.
You can see the list of reviewers and their responses along with overall counts for each type of
response. You can additionally set your draft response for the asset from within this panel. This
way you do not need to get back to the review screen to get the information that you need while
working in the Annotator.

API Update: Copy / Clone Assets
We have expanded our API to allow our users to copy and asset from one location to another.
You can alternatively copy the asset to the same location and do a Clone operation. The API call
allows you to specify new name and location as well as define if the original asset’s markup and
comments should be copied along.

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