(V4) July 2014 - ConceptShare Update

New Filter Options
It’s even easier to find what you’re looking for thanks to the new filtering options for any list view in ConceptShare, like your list of Projects or the Deliverables within a Project.
You can now filter a list by any of the columns in the list, whether they’re date or text based. You can still search text, and now, you can also search by any of the date variables associated with that list.
You’ll also have three ways to structure a search around a date variable.
Apply a "From" date, and see items after that date.
Apply a "To" date, and see items up to that date.
Apply a date range by using both "From" and "To" dates, to see list items that fall between those two dates.
When you’re applying filters to your lists, it’s important to remember that the filters will layer themselves. If you search for the text "In Progress," Due Date from July 24th to July 30th, you'll only see projects that contain the words "In Progress" and that are due from July 24th to July 30th. If you want to modify the search, remember that until they're removed, filters will stay in effect.
Streamlined Creation of Multiple Deliverables
We got a lot of customer feedback that the process for setting up new deliverables wasn't as quick as it could have been, so we made some adjustments.
Previously, creating a new Deliverable within a project took you immediately to that Deliverable's newly created Activity Feed. However, many project managers wanted to go in one time to set up all of the Deliverables for the Project at once, and going into each Deliverable made them take another step to get back to creating Deliverables.
We streamlined this process based on your feedback, and now when you create a new Deliverable, you stay on the Deliverables tab in the Project.
“My Work” Renamed to “Work”
In the left sidebar, you've likely seen the My Work option. It's where you can find all of the work assigned to you, and quickly see what you need to be working on. We've renamed this section of the application to "Work."
You'll still be able to use this area to find everything that has been assigned to you and your teams, but thanks to expanded search functionality, you can use it for even more than that, which is why it was renamed.
New Search Options for Work
Finding work quickly is one of the most important ways many users rely on ConceptShare to help them work more efficiently. To help make this easier, we've added powerful filters to the Work section that gathers all of an individual's work.
When you go into the Work tab, you'll see a few options available to filter your work. You can search the text fields, see work associated with a specific project or see all work with a specific status. Once you've selected a project, you can also select a specific deliverable within that project.
If you click on "More", you'll see further options for sorting your work. You can sort by date, to see work that may have happened in the past, along with many other filters to help you find what you’re looking for.
One of the biggest changes, however, is that you can edit the "Who" portion of the work displayed. Instead of just seeing work assigned to you, your team and your roles, you can see all work assigned to another person, as long as you have the right permissions.
With the ability to gather someone else's work in one place, you can easily re-assign work to cover vacations, unexpected absences or other scenarios where the original assignee won't be completing the work. It's also helpful for managers who need to see how much work is assigned to each team member, or to keep track of how much work a team member has completed.
Full Screen Video Playback
The Annotator has been updated so that when you're reviewing videos, you have the option to watch the video in fullscreen. Now, you can use the Annotator as a screening room on your desktop and tablet, so that busy viewers can playback video in fullscreen, with the option to exit full screen, return to the Annotator and add feedback any time they need to.

Other Updates
As part of this release, we’ve also updated a number of smaller items in ConceptShare, as well as fixing some bugs. If you have questions about a specific fix, or a change you see in the application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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