(V4) September 2014 - ConceptShare Update

Adjust Video Playback Speed
When you’re reviewing videos in the Annotator, you can now adjust the speed of the video. Do you think it might look better slowed down to 0.8x speed, or would you like to review it at 2.0x speed? Now you can, by selecting your playback speed from the bottom menu.
You’ll also be able to hear audio sped up and slowed down at your desired speed, except when you select either the 0.2x or 0.4x speeds. At these speeds, audio will be muted by default because the sound becomes very distorted.
Add Project To-Dos via the API
Last month, we added To-Dos directly at the Project level. As of this month, this feature is accessible through ConceptShare’s API, so you can integrate Project-level To-Dos with other technologies in your creative operations workflow.
Cropping Tool Removed
As part of updates to the Annotator, we removed the Cropping tool. Many of our customers had reported that they used the Region tool and the Crop tool interchangeably, so we’ve chosen to keep the Region tool to serve both purposes.
Annotator Design Changes
We’ve made a few changes to the Annotator to help you more quickly and easily navigate in and out of assets you need to review.
The “Back” button in the top left hand corner has been changed to a “Close” button. It will take you back to wherever you were when you opened the asset, whether it was in the Activity Feed or an assigned Review.
You’ll also see that the version number of each asset is displayed right next to the asset name. That way, you’ll never have to second-guess if you’re working on the right version.
Below the asset name, you’ll now see breadcrumbs that show you exactly where the asset is located in your ConceptShare account. Each breadcrumb is a link, so if you want to navigate to the Project, Deliverable, or any folders associated with that asset, you can with just one click.

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