What are the Deployment/Hosting models for ConceptShare?

ConceptShare can be deployed in one of three ways:

Multi-Tenant SaaS: ConceptShare hosts the service on its multi-tenant database. You will be provisioned an account that will be available on a sub-domain.  
V3 - (i.e.
V4 - (i.e.

Single Tenant (Segregated) SaaS: ConceptShare hosts the service on a dedicated database and configuration. ConceptShare can host the application on a URL that you own.

On Premises Deployment: ConceptShare can deploy the entire ConceptShare application on one of your servers.  For this option you will want to ensure your company identifies IT resources to manage the installation and deployment of subsequent update releases in a timely fashion.

Many of our integration partners leverage this model to provide ConceptShare to their end customers.

To learn more about the deployment options available to your organization please speak to your Creative Operations Advisor, or contact the general sales line at (613) 903-4431.

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