Removing Account Resources

There will be circumstances when you need to Remove a Resource from your Account. This may be when you have finished working with a specific Freelancer, or when an employee leaves your organization.

Question One: Will the person be using your ConceptShare account again in the future?
Yes: It is advisable to simply change their account status to Inactive. This will prevent them from logging into your ConceptShare account until they are re-activated. This will also save you the work of recreating that user when they return to your projects.


Question Two: Do they have outstanding work that needs to be reassigned?
Yes: For the moment deactivate (not remove) the resource if they have outstanding work that needs to be reassigned to others. Reassigning work can be done from the Work screen, or in individual To-Dos or Reviews. Once the work is reassigned you can remove them.
No: Removing Resources in ConceptShare will permanently remove them from all Projects, Deliverables, Reviews and To-Dos and prevent them from logging in to your Account. It will not, however, delete any Assets they have uploaded, or comments they have provided in Reviews; those records are maintained.



Step One: To Remove a Resource, click on Settings, then choose Resources in the dropdown.

Step Two: Hover your pointer over the User you wish to Remove and click on the chevron icon to show the various menu options


Toggle the check box in the top left corner of the thumbnail then click Actions.

Step Three: This will open a drop down list of options available to you. Choose the appropriate selection.

A) If the Resource needs to have their access removed temporarily, or until work is reassigned select Toggle Active and select Inactive.

B) If you are certain you want to permanently Remove the Resource from your Account, select Remove From Account.

Step Four: This will open a message dialogue box asking you to confirm the action. Click Yes to permanently Remove the Resource from the Account.


Note: This cannot be undone. Any items that have this Resource as the Owner, will be assigned to the Master ConceptShare Account Owner.



The user list is now updated. That user is now unable to access your ConceptShare account. Managing users is important to ensure only the right people are able to collaborate on Projects, or oversee items in ConceptShare.

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