Versioning Assets

In ConceptShare, Versioning occurs when a new copy of an asset is uploaded into ConceptShare and is layered on top of the existing asset. It is different than uploading a new Asset.

It may occur after:

  1. Feedback is given on the original Asset (in ConceptShare)
  2. Changes are made to the original Asset (outside of ConceptShare)
  3. An outdated asset is available in ConceptShare

When the Versioned Asset is part of a Review, the process of Versioning restarts the Review and notifies the Review participants to grant the opportunity to give feedback on the new version.

Feedback that was given on an earlier version in that Review can be Promoted to the current version of the asset. Promotion means that Draft, or Published Feedback can be selected from previous versions and copied to the current version. The feedback that has been promoted can then be flagged and resolved, edited, or marked as needing further changes. See the Further Reading links below for details on Promoting Feedback.

Step 1

From the Reviews Tab, Navigate to the Review which contains the Asset you'd like to version. Click the chevron on the right, select Edit from the dropdown menu.


Step 2

Hover over the Asset you'd like to Version, click the Version Asset icon when it appears.


Step 3

Click and drag the new Asset version into ConceptShare and drop over the previous Asset version on the Edit Review screen


The new Asset version will stack itself on top of the previous Asset version.


Note: You have the option to undo the new Asset version until you Click OK in the bottom right of the Edit Review Dialogue.

Step 1

Open the Project containing the Asset you would like to update.


Step 2

Click the Assets tab


Step 3

Click the top-right chevron on the thumbnail of the Asset you would like to Version.

Select Version from the dropdown menu.

Step 4

The Version dialogue box will appear.

Click the Add New button, select Files from my Computer from the dropdown menu.

Step 5

Click the Upload button.

Inside the Proofing Workspace, the name of the asset will indicate V# as a suffix.


Inside a Review, the version icon appears in the center of the Asset thumbnail.


Outside a Review, the icon at the bottom left of an Asset card indicates the Version Number.


The images above reflect an Asset that is on Version #2. Where the original asset is version one.


You now know how to Version Assets and identify Assets which have been Versioned. 

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