Viewing, Sorting and Filtering

As you become more active and productive in ConceptShare you'll notice an increasing volume of items when you are trying to find particular things.  Finding what you're looking for can be improved with Grid and List Views, Sorting and Filtering.

ConceptShare can display items in List view and Grid view.

This is the Grid Icon 

This is the List Icon 

The assets tab defaults to a Grid View to provide the best visual representation of your assets.  Icons can readily be seen flagging assets with Versions.



Switching to a List view means easy access to alternate information such as Data added and modified.  It also enables the ability to Sort by Column.



In List view, Sort by clicking on individual column titles. Here we can sort by Name, Descriptions, Date Added or Last Modified.  This ensures that we can preview the list with the most relevant material first.



Need to go a step further?  When you know specific information you are looking for click on the Filter button at the top of the screen to open the Filter Search field.  This can be done from the List or Grid view.

Click in the Search field and type text to search the name and description for.

Alternately, Filtering by Dates can be useful if you are looking for an item that was created during a specific time period.

To Filter by date, click on either of the Date selectors to open fields where you can enter From and To dates to filter your list. 

To remove the filters from a list, click the small X at the end of the Search filter line.



Now you know how to arrange, sort and filter your views in ConceptShare and quickly find items you are looking for in the various tabs.

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