Resource Management: Account Roles, Project Roles and Teams

This component of administering your account is best addressed as it's own segment of the support documentation because people management will occur not only as you establish your account, but throughout the life of your account. 

It is of sufficient import that for some customers we have seen a dedicated user assigned to this component of administering ConceptShare and for others they have created an integration with their HR systems.

Each user setup in ConceptShare is given two default permission sets. 

Their Account Role defines what user can and cannot do within the ConceptShare Account, such as: add, edit or delete people or teams from the Account, manage the Administrative Setup of the Account, whether they can create or delete Projects within the Account, etc. 

Then their Project Role builds on those permissions, but focuses on defining what a users can, or can't do within the day to day use of ConceptShare as projects are reviewed and approved.

Finally, teams form important organizational groups in ConceptShare.  They can be created for shared work, organizational structure or shared communications.

Establishing each of those elements, as well as core Resource creation and deletion is documented in the Further Reading articles below.




You are now able to ensure your users can operate in the most efficient manner in your account.



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