How do I manage assets?

An Asset is any image, video or document uploaded to ConceptShare for the purpose of requesting and receiving feedback.


Step 1

Open the Projects page, click on the the Project you'd like to add asset(s) to.


 Step 2

Click the Assets tab at the top of the screen.

 Step 3

Click on the Add Content button


You may wish to upload these assets into a folder. If so, open the folder you'd like to add assets to or create a new folder. 



Step 5


  • Select Files: allows you to select one or more files for uploading to ConceptShare. Select files to add, then click Open.
  • Get Webpages: allows you to capture one, or more webpages to include in your Project. 

 Step 6


Edit the asset name, enter a description or any tags you like to the asset being uploaded. 

Note: Save Original means ConceptShare saves the original file while a proxy file is viewed in ConceptShare. 

Note: Reference File means the file cannot be opened in ConceptShare and can only be downloaded for reference purposes. 

 Step 1


Click the top right chevron of the asset to be versioned, select version from the dropdown menu.



 Step 2


The Version Asset Box will appear. Upload the new asset version the same way you uploaded the first version. 

Note: The new version of the Asset will appear in the Version Asset dialogue box. Any Names, Descriptions, Tags, Custom Forms, or Settings that were on the original Asset will remain. 

Step 3

Click on the Upload button. 

*An Asset that has been Versioned has an updated number on the bottom left of the Asset thumbnail, beside what looks like a stack of paper. This indicates the number of times the Asset has been Versioned, where the original asset is version one.


Promoting lets you copy selected feedback from previous versions to the current version under review. Promoted feedback can then be flagged and resolved, or marked as needing further changes.

To Promote Feedback:

Step 1

Version an asset that has feedback applied

Step 2

Open the previous version, or compare to it.


Step 3

Open the Feedback Panel for the older version and click the chevron on a piece of feedback, choose Promote.


Step 4

Open the newest version of your asset and you will see the promoted comments in a pending status (similar to draft).  While the comment it is in Pending it is only visible to the original author and to the promoter.


Click the flag icon to update the flags and resolutions, or use the Edit option in the chevron to make adjustments to the annotations, and content of the feedback. 

Step 5

Click the chevron on the pending piece of Feedback and choose Publish.  This will make it visible to all reviewers of this asset.


  • Navigate your pointer over the Asset you would like to download, click on the chevron icon on the top right, select Download Asset




You can now upload, version and download assets and promote feedback in ConceptShare!


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