Proofing Workspace Basics: Responding to Feedback

The Proofing Workspace is a tool for annotating and providing feedback on your Assets. This tool allows for the collaborative communication between users.


Step 1

Depending on your notifications settings you will receive an email notification that a comment has been added to an asset.


Step 2

Open the Proofing Workspace by clicking the asset in the email notification (or anywhere else in ConceptShare), or by launching the review the asset belongs to.

Step 3

The number displayed in the comments icon of the side panel denotes the number of comments made on the asset. Click it to open the comments tab.

Step 4

View comments made on the asset. Click any comment to see the accompanying markups. You can also post replies to the comments made.


Step 5

Now you choose how to proceed:

  • Return later to participate further in the on going conversation for this asset
  • If this asset is part of a review, indicate you are done giving feedback, or approve, or reject the asset.
  • If you manage assets in ConceptShare and changes need to be made, get a new asset and version it on top of the existing asset to reset the responses and invite your teams to return.


You now know how to respond to feedback using the Proofing Workspace!

For more detailed information about the Proofing Workspace and its tools, please see the related articles in this section.

Further Reading

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