How do I create a project?

 *Depending on your Account and Project Roles, you may or may not be able to create/edit Projects. Contact your Account Administrator for more permissions.




Step 1
To create a new Project, or view all existing Projects in ConceptShare, click Projects in the Navigation Panel.

  • This will open the Projects dashboard, displaying a list of all Projects you are currently involved in.



Step 2

Click the Add Project button. This will open the Project Wizard dialogue box.

From here you can select to create a Blank Project, create a Project Based on a Template, or Create Template to generate a new project template.

  • Blank Project: This option will create a new Project in ConceptShare and will open the New Project dialogue box.
  • Based on Template: Project Templates are a quick way to automatically populate a number of the settings in the New Project dialogue box. If your Account Administrator has created Project Templates for you to use, select one from the Select Template drop down, shown below and click Next.
  • Create Template: Generating a new template can be done from here or from your settings.  For more information about Templates see "Further reading below".

Whether you select a template, or opt for a net new project the project requires the same information to be completed.  The difference is that the template will have pre-populated some fields for you.  

 Step 3

At its most basic level, the only information ConceptShare needs to be able to create a new Project is a Project Name. Enter a Name for your Project and click Save to create your new Project.

Frequently, though, you will want to enter more information as you set up your new Project. Click More Options in the New Project Dialogue Box to see and enter more detail about your Project, or scroll down in the project created by your template.


Step 4

Leveraging the additional fields available on a project allows you to track and find your projects more readily.

Depending on your screen size, you may have to scroll to see all of the fields you can complete.

Project Fields

  • Name: This is the name you wish ConceptShare to use for your Project. Make sure to use a name that is unique, so you can easily identify your Project at any time.
  • Description: Entering a description for your Project allows everyone to see clearly and quickly what your Project is about. This field can contain whatever information you need to communicate the purpose of your Project.
  • Tags: Tags are for the purpose of identification and are searchable criteria. Examples might be tagging all of your video projects with “Video” or all of your projects for a specific client with the client name. To enter a Tag, click in the Tags field, type the name of the Tag and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Tags can be deleted by clicking the small “x” next to it. !Note tags are space sensitive Fall 2015 and Fall2015 are considered two different tags.
  • Start and Due Dates: If your Project is time bound, entering Start and Due Dates allow you to identify which Projects are on track and which are not. The Due Date should reflect the date when the entire Project should be completed.
  • Owner: The Owner is most often the person with responsibility for ensuring the Project gets completed on time. By default, the Owner will be set to the person creating the Project, or the person specified in the template, but you can change this by clicking the small “x” to the right of the name and typing the name of the new Owner. (required) This person will be automatically added as a resource on the project with the role of Project Administrator.
  • Status: This is the current status of the Project and can be either Not Started which is the default setting, In Progress which is used once work begins on the Project and Completed, which should be selected once the Project is done. 
  • Phase Group and Phase: Phase Groups and Phases help you track the progress of your Projects. An administrator can create custom groups and phases for your organization, otherwise they will remain blank. 
  • Custom Forms:  This option is only available in the Enterprise Edition of ConceptShare. Custom Forms allow organizations to gather information that is critical to their processes. 
  • Grandfathered- Workflow:  Again, this option is only available in Grandfathered Enterprise Editions of ConceptShare and it allows you to apply automated workflows to your Project.  Workflows are triggered by the Status of a Project being set to In Progress

After you have set the options you need, click the Save button to create your Project.

Note:  If your Project uses Custom Forms related to the Project, you will see a Next button in place of the Save button. This allows you to complete all of the Fields associated with your Custom Form before creating the Project.


The Projects dashboard allows you to see a list of all Projects that you are participating in. It also allows you to perform some basic Administrative tasks on your Projects.

Selecting the check box to the left of a single Project and then clicking the Actions button allows you to access the available activities such as Opening the Project, Archiving the Project, Creating a Feedback Summary for the Project or Deleting the Project.

  • Edit: Editing will allow you to adjust any of the fields in your Project with the exception of Workflows.  This can not be changed once it has been saved.  Not you can also not select a new template for your project.
  • Open: This selection will open the selected project so that you can navigate inside of it.
  • Archive:  Selecting this option will compile all Project contents, including a Feedback Summary, to a ZIP file and sends the ZIP file to you in an e-mail. The Project remains in the Projects screen and you can continue to work in it as before, nothing is removed from ConceptShare. The Feedback Summary will compile information related to the default Feedback Summary settings.
  • Create Feedback Summary: Selecting Create Feedback Summary will open the Feedback Summary dialogue box. A Feedback Summary is a PDF file with information on of all of the Assets and Reviews which have been performed in your Project.  As with Archiving, this will not alter the progress of your Project and you can continue working in it as before.
  • Delete: Selecting Delete will remove the Project and all of its contents from ConceptShare.  This can not be undone, so make sure you are confident that you no longer require the Project before selecting Delete.


Update the Phase or Status of a Project by editing the project or by clicking the drop down list on the dashboard. Change the Phase and Status of multiple Projects by selecting the check boxes to the left of the project names, click the Actions button and select your preference.


You have created a Project in ConceptShare. Next you will want to begin adding Assets, and inviting people to collaborate, and review.


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