How do I leverage Account Roles?

Account Roles control what users can and cannot do in their ConceptShare account. Two default Account Roles are set in each account and additional ones can be created and customized.

Note: Depending on your assigned Account Role, you may or may not be able to view/edit Account Roles.


The Default Account roles are:

Account Administrator

  • Controls all settings for the account
  • All settings toggled to YES

General User

  • Access determined by their project role, no ability to change anything at the Account level
  • All settings toggled to NO

Depending on the structure of your organization you may simply have people in the default roles and not need any customization. However, the ability to delegate specific responsibilities can make your team function more efficiently. 


Resource Manager:

This person is responsible for adding new ConceptShare users and ensuring their roles are set correctly to give them the proper permissions. If teams are in use they can also manage team membership. This individual is also key to ensuring that anyone leaving their job is updated properly to restrict, or remove their permission to use ConceptShare.

Typically this role would have the User and Team permissions enabled, and often the ability to create, edit or delete Project Roles.


IT Administrator:

This person supports ConceptShare as another tool in the company's arsenal. They will ensure security requirements are fulfilled, setup and manage any integrations, or single sign on options.

Typically this role would have access to Edit users, Manage SAML, Account Callbacks, and Account Setttings.


Project Manager:

This individual is responsible for generating new projects and may help as backup on projects for their peers.

Typical permissions for this role would be Add Projects and See all projects.


Process Manager:

This person may also be involved with ensuring ConceptShare aligns with other technology in the Creative Operations space. They make sure that the internal company naming and process aligns as closely as possible with the steps and phrasing in ConceptShare. Their role will have permissions to customize phases, project roles, branding, setup templates, public smart folders, and custom forms. Depending on the account they may also create and maintain automated workflows.


General Users:

For organizations that aren't rigidly structured some permissions that are often opened to General users are add/edit/delete Private Smart Folders, Manage their own settings, and Post to the Activity Feed.



You now know what the default Account Roles are used for, and have some ideas about how to leverage new roles. Permissions are further determined with Project Roles.

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