Participating in a Review

A Review is a request for users to give feedback/approvals on asset(s) often by a specific date.

There are two types of Reviews: Approval and Feedback.

There are a few ways to access Reviews you are a part of:

1. Reviews assigned to you appear on your Work screen.

Click Work in the left hand navigation and click the Name of the Review you would like to open.


2. Click the link found in your email notification.EmailToReview.PNG

3. Reviews can also be accessed from: the Activity Feed, a Review Smart Folder, the Reviews Tab of a Project, My Reviews, or on your mobile device in the My Reviews section.

!Note: External Reviewers (non ConceptShare users) are only able to access reviews by clicking the link in the email invitation.

Open the Feedback Panel on the right:
    • Read through any comments provided

  • Add to the conversation by replying to existing feedback.

  • Add new feedback by clicking the plus symbol in the Feedback Panel


    • Type in your feedback
    • Use the markup tools to clarify your comment

    • Click Publish to make it visible to other reviewers in the Feedback section, Clear to delete your comment and markup, or Save Draft to store your feedback privately. (For Publish, or Save Draft, a green box will appear, indicating your successful entry)
  • Repeat
!Note: Any draft feedback will need to be published to become visible to other users. Draft feedback will not be carried over if the asset is versioned unless the author promotes the feedback.

Open the Review Panel on the right and use the buttons to indicate your response:

  • Approve if the Asset meets the criteria specified.
  • Reject the Asset if it does not meet the criteria specified.
  • Defer the Asset if this review requires the attention of someone else, if your feedback is not applicable, or you are comfortable with the group consensus. You may, or may not be prompted to identify a Resource to defer to depending on the review settings.
    !Note: The defer button will only appear when the ability to defer is enabled in the Review settings; External Reviewers do not have the option to defer.
  • Click the Complete Feedback button if you are done providing feedback on a Feedback Review.

If applicable, repeat this process, providing your feedback and responses for each asset in the Review. Navigate to each asset by clicking the folder icon at the bottom of the screen to see the thumbnails of the assets in this review.

Asset(s) in the asset explorer will be marked with green check marks (for "Completed Feedback or Approved), or with a red X for a rejection, or a curved arrow in a Grey circle for a Deferral.

Once you have indicated responses on each of the assets in the Review, a Submit Responses box will appear.

  • Click Submit Now to lock in your responses and make them visible to other users.
  • Click Later if you would like the opportunity to change your response, but be aware that other users can not see these draft responses.


In the Review section an exclamation mark means unsubmitted responses. Submitting will cause it to be replaced with a check mark to indicate your work is complete.

Your submitted response is visible to all reviewers and is time stamped.

The Review will also disappear from your Work screen once you have submitted your responses, or move to the Done column of the MyReviews screen.

1) Click the link in your email notification

2) Sign in with your user name and password

3) The Activity Feed will appear summarizing all recent assets/comments from projects you are a part of - Click the more button on the top-left to view your Reviews.

4) Click My Reviews. This will take you to all Reviews you are a part of.

5) Click the thumbnail of the review you would like to view.

6) The buttons on the bottom-left give you the ability to view review info and leave your accept/reject decision.

7) View comments made by other reviewers/make a comment yourself, view decisions made by other reviewers and make and make a decision yourself.



You now understand how to give feedback on and approve, or reject assets in the context of a review.


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