Account Workflow (grandfathered function)

If you are looking to monitor the progression of Workflows in your Account across all Projects and Deliverables this is the resource you are seeking. 

Viewing Account Workflows

To navigate to Account Workflow management, click the Cog on the top right of the screen and select Account Workflow. 

This will open the Account Workflow dashboard which lists any Workflows still in progress for the Account (Projects  and Deliverables).  It will display any active Workflows with their Status and Stage, as well as information regarding an error in the workflow.

Each column header can be clicked on to sort the information in the dashboard to help find the items you are looking to track.

Toggling the checkbox beside multiple running Workflows provides access to the Action button option; Pause the Workflow, or selecting a single checkbox provides options of Pause and History.

History provides a list of action items accomplished via the Workflow and the dates and times associated with each action.

Pause will allow you to stop the progression of the selected Workflow(s) and unlocks the following options for that workflow:

Resume: Recommence Workflow where it was paused.
Restart at Stage: Recommence the workflow but with the option to dictate where it will restart.  This allows for exception management, or to restart a stage if someone made an error.
Restart at Beginning: This allows the workflow to begin anew.  This can be valuable if the project timelines or other criteria have changed, or there has been a number of employee changes within your teams recently.
History: This is the same option as was previously available.


You are now able to manage, review, and control the progress of all the workflows activated in your account!  If you are looking to do the same, but on a specific project level, you can see the workflows tied to each individual project by choosing Workflow Management from the Setting tab of your project. 

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