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As you saw when setting up your personal Preferences, Email Digests allow you to aggregate all of the Notifications on Assets, or Comments within your Project and email them to Project participants on a timed basis. This helps cut down on the number of Emails being sent to people on your Project.

Having this functionality on both a User level and Project level allows you to configure a basic set of Preferences, and then to modify them on a Project by Project basis, if required.

Creating Project Email Digests

To create Email Digests, Navigate to your project and go to your Project Settings screen and select the Email Notifications icon.


Click on the Add a New Email Digest button to open the Add a New Email Digest dialogue box.

Customize your digest:

Type: Assets or Comments

Enable: Toggle the check box to enable or disable the Digest

Run Type:

  • Daily has you chose a specific time of day to run the digest
  • Timed has the digest run after x minutes of inactivity and continuous activity.  You then set the desired minutes for each.

Click the Save button to complete the creation of your Email Digest.

You can create multiple Email Digests as required and you can EditEnableDisable or Delete them from the Email Notification Project Settings screen.  Each will function independently to deliver your Email Digests. !Note this only impacts YOUR digests.  It is not applied to any other resource on the project.


You’ve learned how to create Project Settings that help you manage Notifications. This will help reduce the number of emails sent to you for your Project.

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