Work (Assigning, Tracking, Take Ownership)

To ensure you can easily remain up to date on the items needed to complete the various projects you can leverage Work

Work will list all assigned items: Reviews, or To-dos (grandfathered function).  The default view of Work shows you items that you, your team or your role have not yet completed – a sort of “My Work” view. Click on the name of the item to open it and take action.

You can easily sort, or filter to find the information you need, reassign items, or click through on outstanding items to action them.  If you hold an administrative role these sort and filter options can allow you actively monitor the assigned items in the account and to manage work assigned to others.

Your access to the various icon options and filter results will depend on your Project Role, contact your Account Administrator for more information.

  • To view Work in your ConceptShare Account, click on Work in the Navigation Panel.


  • Click the name of the item to open it.
  • Each of the column headers can be clicked on to sort by that value.  For example, sorting by Due Date can help you determine which items to tackle with the highest priority. 
  • Depending on your permissions Work items can be Edited, Deleted, Re-Assigned, or have the Status Updated.  These options are available from the Actions button.

To Edit, or Delete a Work item, toggle the check box to the right of it. Click on the icon you wish to use.

  • Edit: Selecting Edit will open the Edit Review or Edit To-Do dialogue screen where updates can be made and Saved.
  • URL: Copy the link for this item to the clipboard
  • Re-Assign: Selecting Re-Assign will ask for the name of a Resource to Re-Assign to.
  • Delete: Selecting Delete will ask for confirmation that you wish to Delete. Delete will remove that Work item from ConceptShare.  Note: Deleting cannot be undone.

  • Select a work item and click the Actions button. Select Re-Assign.
  • Type the name of the Resource taking the assignment in the Work Assignment dialogue box. Click on the Assign button.
  • If the Work item it is to be assigned to a number of Resources, the Work Assignment dialogue box will appear to prompt you to define who you are taking the assignment FROM.  Select your party and click the Next button. Proceed as you did with the single assignee to choose a different Resource. Click on the Assign button.
  • To update the Status of a Work item, click the Status column drop down list in the line item you wish to update and select the new value. 


Note: Moving a Review to Status Completed locks all reviewers out of that Review. This CANNOT be undone.  If you wish to update the Status of multiple Work items toggle the check box next to each item. Click on the Actions button to select a common Status for all the Work items selected.


Control how Work is displayed by using the filters at the top of the Work screen, click the browser Refresh to make sure all items are listed.

NOTE: Filters are based on an AND criteria meaning, so that only items that meet ALL the criteria will display in the results. 

Filter Options:

  • Search: Type a name, or partial name into the Search text box to isolate any Work items.
  • Project: Filter by Project, or select a specific Project from the drop down list.
  • Deliverable: Filter by Deliverable, or select a specific Deliverable from the drop down list.
  • Status: Filter by one or more Status option.

Scroll down to expose a greater variety of Filters.

  • What:  Allows you to select Work items based on whether they are Assigned, or Created to/by the parties identified in Who.  This allows Administrators to view progress on Work items.
  • Hide my completed work: This is the default view of the Work screen. It captures actionable Work items. 
  • Who:  Allows you to filter by Teams based on assignment.  View Work items assigned to you individually, your Project Role, or your Teams. View Work items assigned to others by typing the Resource name you wish to track.  This is valuable to Administrators, or anyone managing proper assignment and completion of Work.  Track items assigned to Resources to determine individual workload and if needed reassign Work to evenly distribute workloads or substitute absences.
  • When: Allows you to dictate From and To dates for Created, or Due Date. Select the Filter Is Overdue if you only want to see Overdue items.

The Take Ownership function applies to Reviews and To-dos that are assigned to either a team you are a member of, or assigned to a role where you, or your team are assigned that role in that project. In its simplest terms, the review/to-do is assigned to a group of people of which you are a member, so it shows up as Work to be completed and can be claimed by members of those groups. When selected, it will remove everyone else and assign it just to your user name.

Think of it like a job jar; you could say "I want someone in marketing to handle this", then Jane/John Doe (from Marketing) could say "I'll take that job on" by selecting it in the Work screen and in the actions selecting to Assign to Me.


You have learned how to navigate the Work screen. This is a valuable tool for keeping up to date on review and approval items. 

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