(V4) August 2014 ConceptShare Update

Add To-Dos Directly On a Project
To-Dos have been a useful feature to manage task lists on Deliverables, and now, you can use them to manage detailed tasks on Projects as well.
When you open the To-Dos tab in a Project Dashboard, you’ll now see a list of all of the To-Dos associated with that Project, including all of the To-Dos added to any Deliverables associated with that Project. This gives you one place to manage all tasks associated with the Project as a whole.
This new section comes with all of the filtering options you have in other areas of ConceptShare, so you can quickly identify exactly the To-Dos you’re looking for. You now have the power of To-Dos, even if you aren’t using Deliverables to organize work within a Project.
Streamlined Comments in the Annotator
We received some great feedback from customers who use the Annotator frequently in their review process, and as a direct result, we’ve streamlined how you review and contribute to comments on an asset.
When you’re looking at an asset, the comments sidebar now shows comment threads in-line, so you don’t have to click back and forth and lose your place in the comments list. It also only shows one thread open at a time, and will close one thread if you open another, so you can focus on the issue you’re looking at.
We’ve also made it a bit easier to format your comments. You can now add a line break into a comment by hitting “Enter” on your keyboard, the same way you would in an email or document. This won’t submit the comment, which helps make sure that when you click Submit, you have a well-formatted, complete comment ready.
Improved iPad Video Playback
When you’re reviewing video on your iPad, you can now control the video volume using your iPad’s volume control buttons.
Industry-Standard Keyboard Controls for Video Playback
When you’re reviewing video on a desktop or laptop computer, you can now control the playback using industry-standard keyboard shortcuts. Perfect for power users, keyboard shortcuts save you time and let you work the way you’re used to working in other applications. The following shortcuts have been added.

  • Navigate frame-by-frame using left and right arrow keys
  • Hold down left or right arrow keys to scroll through frames
  • Hold down shift and use the left and right arrow keys to skip one second forward or backwards
  • Use the spacebar to pause and resume video playback
  • Use the down arrow to jump to the end of the video, and the up arrow to return to the beginning

Keyboard Shortcuts Throughout ConceptShare
You can now complete entire forms in ConceptShare entirely using familiar keyboard shortcuts. You can tab through every aspect of the form, including drop-down menus and radio buttons, all the way to the submit button at the end of the form.
Clear, Up-to-Date Work Folder
When reviews have been completed, by default Work will hide your completed work. You can turn it on or off with an option in the filters menu, more options.
If you have any questions about the release, or about specific bug fixes and minor updates, please feel free to reach out to your Creative Operations Advisor or our support team.

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