(V4) April 2015 - ConceptShare Update

April 2015 Features Update (V4.10)

for Workgroup, Enterprise and On-Premise Editions

Release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, are an on-going way we help our customers improve planning, collaboration, and productivity from ‘concept’ to ‘approved’. Here are some of the new features and updates we added this month.

Reviews – Two Kinds
Prior to this release, all reviews in ConceptShare were Approval Reviews, allowing users to approve, reject or defer to others. With this release, we introduce Feedback Reviews. This kind of review allows users to provide clear feedback on assets that don’t need an approval or rejection - fast tracking productivity. Click on the ‘Complete Feedback’ button to provide responses. The response status appears as a green check mark overlay on the asset thumbnail. Both review types (Approval and Feedback Reviews) can have a bound due date with reminders, and both can generate summaries – good for distribution and record keeping.

Reviews – a Unified Experience
No more navigating between the Review screen and the Annotation screen when participating in a review. Users can obtain review information, open other reviews assigned to them and edit their own reviews, all within the Annotator. The FilmStrip lists the assets in a review. Click on each asset thumbnail to view and provide feedback, then click on the ‘Complete Feedback’ button to apply the appropriate status to each asset.

Annotator – Enhanced Panning
Interact with assets using the keyboard and mouse wheel or trackpad. Scroll up and down with a mouse wheel or with a scrolling gesture in a trackpad. Use the keyboard arrow keys to pan assets in all four directions.

Annotator – Slider Zoom Widget
Zoom in and out on assets using our new slider widget located at the bottom center of the Annotation screen. It increases or decreases zoom in 5% increments.


April 2015 Fixes

Comments list; maintain the list sequence after clicking on a Comment

Automated Workflows:
Approval Review; fixed required referral feature

Fixed uploading animated GIF files with odd-numbered video dimensions
Fixed 'Advanced Global Search' feature


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