(V4) June 2014 - ConceptShare Update

Pause and Restart Workflows
Automated workflows in ConceptShare V4 help automate routine work on projects that happen in a repeatable, structured way. Think of an email campaign process that happens in the same way, with 15 concurrent projects at any time. Automating project phase transitions, reminders, and other project activities saves a lot of time on this type of work.
But even in the most structured workflows, unexpected changes can happen. When they do, you don't want the workflow to continue as usual. That's why we've added the ability to pause or restart workflows at any point in the process.
There are a few benefits to pausing a workflow and restarting it when the project is back on track.
·         Notifications will go out at the right time, based on the progression of the project - not the workflow's automated timing.
·         After restarting the project, the workflow continues as planned - no manual adjustments required.
·         All of the project data collected from the workflow and custom forms remains the same, and updates to include the delay in the project during the paused workflow.
The ability to pause and restart an automated workflow gives you more control, so that ConceptShare better suits the realities of your creative workflow.
New Forms
In conversations with customers who are using V4, one thing that came up a few times was that the forms used to create new Projects, Users, To-Dos and Reviews weren't as easy to use as they could be. Based on that feedback, we redesigned the forms.
Now, when you need to create a new item in ConceptShare, you'll see a new design that makes the process much easier. No need to scroll, and the most important information is highlighted right at the start. If you have additional metadata you need to add, there will be a second page in the process, but if not, the first page will let you create a new item quickly.
You will see new forms for creating a new…
·         Project
·         To-Do
·         Deliverable
·         Review
SAML Support
With this release, ConceptShare now uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to send and receive authentication data for users. SAML helps us ensure that single sign-on for users is as secure as possible, which protects the sensitive data in your account, while making it easier for users to log in and start working quickly. 

Info Pages
Another piece of feedback we got was that it was hard to see all of the metadata and information associated with a specific item. When you wanted to see details associated with a User, Project, Review or other item, you had to select "Edit" and view the information in the Edit screens.
Since you could only see the information when you opened the Edit screen, only the people with editing privileges could see that item’s metadata. That's why we created Info Pages for each item.
Info Pages let anyone who has access to an item see all of the associated metadata. You can find Profile Pages for any individual…
·         To-Do
·         Review
·         Resource
·         Deliverable
·         Asset
·         Project
Custom Forms
We've changed the name and the experience of "MetaForms." The same feature has been improved and renamed “Custom Forms.” Using Custom Forms, you can now easily add the structured data you need to any kind of item in ConceptShare.
It’s now much easier to make sure that important metadata is added to each asset, project and deliverable at the start of its lifecycle in the work-in-progress process.
Other Updates
As part of this release, we’ve also updated a number of smaller items in ConceptShare, as well as fixing some bugs. If you have questions about a specific fix, or a change you see in the application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
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