Deliverable Resources (grandfathered function)


Resources are the people who have been added to the application for different reasons. As you manage a Project you will have different people who need to contribute in different ways.
Depending on your Project Role, you may or may not be able to Add, or Remove Resources.  Check with your Account Administrator for more information regarding your Roles permissions.

*If the visibility of a deliverable was set to:

Everyone: then all Resources assigned to the Project will be able to access the Deliverable.  To add more resources to the Deliverable simply add Project Resources.

Users assigned to this deliverable: then specific resources will need to be added to the Resources tab of the Deliverable

Step 1

Open your Project and Click on the Deliverables tab at the top of the Project screen.


Step 2

This will open the Deliverables dashboard.  Click on your deliverable to open it and navigate to the Resources tab.

Step 3

Resources are listed alphabetically by name, and include a Profile image

Step 4

Click on the Resources tab at the top of the Deliverables screen.  Resources are listed alphabetically by name, and include a Profile image.

  • For Deliverables with Visibility set to Everyone, return to the Project Resource tab and add Resources there.

Otherwise, to add a Resource to a Deliverable: 

Step 1

  • Type a Resource name or email in the Add Resource to Deliverable field. 

  • If the Resource is not set up within the ConceptShare Account, the Add User dialogue box will open, prompting you to provide more information.  


Step 2

Clicking their name will add the new Resource to the Deliverable.

If they are not already part of the Project you will be asked to select a Project Role.

You'll then receive confirmation that your resource has been added.

Step 1

To remove a Resource from your Deliverable, click on the check box of the resource, then click on the Chevron button in the top right corner and select Remove from Deliverable. 

Confirm your desire to remove the resource.  A Removed Resource will no longer be able to participate, and will no longer receive any e-mail updates about the Deliverable.


Now you know how to invite people to participate in Deliverables (grandfathered function). You’ll now be able to manage your Creative Operation much more efficiently and effectively, making sure that everyone is involved in all the right Deliverables at the right time.

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