What are Resources?

A Resource is a person within your ConceptShare Account.

The permissions assigned to them will determine what they can see and do inside of your account. These permissions are organized in Account Roles and Project Roles.  New roles can be created to suit your organization's needs.  Teams, with Resources assigned to them, can also be created to help with efficient assignment of tasks. 


While users with the appropriate permissions can add resources at various points within ConceptShare, normally an Account Administrator will add the initial people to the Account during the set up phase and ensure they have the appropriate roles assigned. In an ongoing capacity, it is valuable to determine who will be responsible for managing resources.


Each account has a contract for a set maximum number of users that can be active at a time.  Inactive resources do not count against your maximum value.  Once the maximum number has been reached you can add new resources to the account, but will not be able to make them active unless you deactivate other resources first.  To increase the maximum number of active users available in your account have the administrator reach out to our sales team. 


When gathering feedback in a review, External Reviewers can be added.  These are resources granted temporary access to a specific review and they do not have a ConceptShare account created, as such they do not count against the set user limit. An External Reviewer who is not removed from the review will cease to have access after 90 days.


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