Completing a Review

If you are the Owner of a Review, there are a few final steps you need to take to make sure the Review is complete. Following these steps to update the Review Status helps you keep track of which Reviews are in progress, which need more work, and which are finalized.

Reviewers looking to finish their work in a review, please see: Collaborating in a Review (in the Further Reading section below).

As your Review moves forward, you can check to see who has and hasn't been participating in the Review, and what feedback you've collected so far. Depending on your notification settings you may have received emails with this information as well.

If you would like to learn different methods to find your reviews click the options accordion below.

There are many ways to access Reviews you are a part of.

Search: Use the Global Search in the top left corner to look for the name of your review, custom forms, or tags attached to it.


On the Work Screen: Use the filter to change the Work screen settings.  

  • Uncheck Assigned To, and Check Created By and the work screen will update to show you the reviews that you created.

Click the name of the Review you would like to open.



From an email: Click the link found in your ConceptShare email notification. (review request, update, reset, reminder, or response received)


From a Project: Navigate into a project or deliverable and click on the Reviews tab. Click the name of the review to open it, or click the checkbox beside the review and choose Info to see the info screen and then click Launch Review to open the Review.



From the Activity Feed: The activity feed tracks the activity in the account or project and will have clickable links to let you load the associated Feedback or Approval Review.


From a Smart Folder: If you create a Smart Folder based on the Type Reviews you will have a listing of that sub-set of reviews. Clicking the name of the review in the smart folder will open it.

Step 1

Navigate to your review and launch it. This will open the Proofing Workspace. Click a thumbnail of an asset, or the Condense arrow to open the asset in full.

Step 2

The Properties panel contains three sections to look at in a Review; specifically we will want to look at Feedback and Review.

The Feedback is the comment items offered by your reviewers for this asset.


The Review section and Responses are where you will see the reviewers indication whether or not they are done the review.

Step 3

If there are multiple assets in the review, click on the Asset Explorer icon in the bottom left corner of the Proofing Workspace screen to see them. Click on an asset thumbnail to open it in the larger screen and review submitted responses.


For an Approval Review the following information applies:

  • Check Mark: This indicates the number of Review participants who have Approved the Asset.
  • X Mark: This indicates the number of Review participants who have Rejected the Asset.
  • Circle with an Arrow: This indicates the number of Review participants who have Deferred the Asset.
  • When viewing the Review Side Panel, the review participant's names, responses, and the date the response was submitted are recorded.


A Feedback Review lists a count of how many participants have Completed or Not Completed the review. The participant's names, responses and the date the response was submitted are recorded.


If an asset has rejections or comments indicating changes need to be made a new copy of the asset will need to be created. To easily pull a list of comments and responses in a review a Feedback summary can be created.

Return to the Review Tab and click the check box beside the review you are updating, choose the Feedback Summary icon. You can then customize the included comment information and the delivery method. For more details see the Feedback Summary article.


During the creation of the Review, if the Auto Approval Rule is selected the application will automatically update the Review status to Complete when positive responses (Approve, Defer, Completed Feedback) have been received from each reviewer. If there were any Tags specified in the review information options, they will then be applied to each asset in the review.

Note: Once the Review is in Status "completed", it can no longer be edited and the status cannot be changed back to "In Progress". Any edits to the review must happen before the final response is received.


A user given access to the Globally Approve/Reject feature via their Project Role Permissions can perform a Global Approve, or Global Reject on each asset in the review. This is effectively an override, or summary of the received responses for the purposes of closing the review of that asset.

  • If you have this permission AND are a participant in the Review, select your own response: Approve, Reject or Defer and click on the Submit Responses button to make sure your personal response is recorded BEFORE applying one of the Global options.
  • Click either the Global Approve, or Global Reject button located in the Options.
  • If you selected Global Reject you will want to edit your Review to update the status of the Review to Completed. This status changes to Completed automatically if you chose Global Approve.

Note: Once you have Submitted your Global Responses, the Review can no longer be edited, and all participants can no longer submit responses.


You have completed the final steps required to complete a Review successfully. You can now effectively keep track of Review progress and statuses.

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