Creating a Review

Reviews allow your team to collaborate and approve/reject assets in a shared space.

*Depending on your Project Role, you may, or may not be able to create and edit Reviews.  Contact your Account Administrator for clarity on your Project Role. 

There are two types of Reviews in ConceptShare:

Approval: This kind of Review allows users to provide Feedback on Assets followed by a formal Approval or Rejection - ensuring Projects can move forward. 

Feedback: This kind of Review allows users to provide Feedback on Assets that don't need Approval or Rejection, simply an indication that Feedback is Complete - fast tracking productivity. 

Step 1 

Click Projects in the Navigation Panel.

This will open the Projects Dashboard. All Projects you are a part of are displayed here. 

Step 2

Select the Project you wish to create the Review in. If you are creating this review in a Deliverable (grandfathered function), open the desired deliverable.

Note: We are assuming you have already uploaded Assets and added the Resources to this project, or deliverable.  If you have not please see further reading at the bottom for links to those articles.


Step 3

Click on the Reviews tab. This will open the Review Screen. 


Step 4

Click the Plus button and select the type of Review you would like to create. 

Step 5

This will open the Add Review dialogue box.

Complete the fields in the three sections on the left of the Create Review dialogue: Information, Resources and Assets to customize your review.

Step 5A

Information: Here you can set all the basic settings of the Review. 

Name: Name your review to readily identify it

Code: Will auto populate from the Name or can be adjusted.  Codes track items in the database and can be leveraged for workflows

Instructions: Let your reviewers know what is expected of them.


  • Not Started - For when you are creating the review in advance of needing it
  • In Progress - As the review launches and begins gathering responses
  • Completed - This closes the review to mark it as done.  This will lock your reviewers out from providing responses (Complete Feedback, Approve, Reject, Defer) but they can still add comments and markup.

Auto-Complete Rule: This will move the review to Status = Completed at the point that all reviewers click and submit responses of Complete Feedback, Approve or Defer. 

Tags set on Completion or Approval: Tags are searchable items in ConceptShare.  This will apply the tags listed here to each asset included in the review when (Feedback) all reviewers indicate Complete Feedback and submit, or (Approval) all reviewers indicate Approve or Defer.

Due Date: Enter the Date and Time this review is due.

Allow Feedback: Enable if people should be able to enter feedback and markup on this item

Review Comments Only: Enable if this should only include feedback and markup provided in this review.  (As opposed to directly on the asset, or in a previous review.)

Allow reviewers to defer responses (Approval Review): Deferring allows a reviewer to indicate that they do not need to request changes and will commit to the responses of the other reviewers.

Defer responses require other resource to review (Approval Review):  If the previous option is enabled this one can be activated so the reviewer will be asked to specify who they are deferring to.  This could be an existing reviewer, or they could flag another resource that they feel needs to see this item before it proceeds.

Step 5B

Resources: Here you can determine who will give Feedback on the review. You can add project members or External Reviewers.

Adding Project Members: (Resources who are ConceptShare users)

As you enter name/email address of the user, options matching your text will populate and you can click on the desired one. (Icons with initials or images are individuals, Icons with stars indicate a Role, Icons with multiple people indicate Teams.)  Continue to add resources until all your reviewers are present.


If the Resource is not already a part of this project, you will be asked to clarify which project role they should be assigned when added to this project and review. Project Roles control the permissions for what the resources can and can't do in this particular project. 

Adding External Reviewers: (Resources who are not members of your ConceptShare account)

Enter the email address of the user, and a drop down menu will appear with two options; 

  • Add to account as new user
  • Add to review as external reviewer 


Selecting the first option adds the user to your ConceptShare account, as well as adding them as a resource on the project and review. For more information on Resources see the links in the additional reading below. 

Selecting the second option adds the user as an External Reviewer. This means the individual will be added to the review without being added as a user in ConceptShare.

If you would like to update the External Reviewer, hover over the profile to expose the edit and delete buttons.


Use the edit button to add the user name to their profile (doing this will hide their email address in their user profile).


Use the delete button to remove the external user from the review if you added them in error


Step 5C

Assets: Here you will add the videos, images, documents, or other files that have already been uploaded to the review.  

Click Assets on the left menu of the Create Review dialogue and add the items to be reviewed by clicking the checkbox beside the name of the asset.

NOTE: Clicking on the name of the asset will open a preview of the thumbnail in the Asset Preview window, but if the item does not appear in the Selected Assets window it is not being added to your review.

Step 6

Click Save. This will return you to the Reviews screen where you will see the Review you have created. 

An email notification will be delivered to the Review Resources while the Review itself will appear on their Work Screens and Mobile: My Reviews screen.

If you would like to confirm the contents of your review, select the review by using the checkbox then click the Info Button to view the Info screen.  Clicking the Name of the Review will open it in the Proofing Workspace.


In the event you need to edit a Review, click the checkbox beside the name of the review and click on the Edit Button.


The Edit Review dialogue box contains the same three sections as you saw when creating a review:

Information: Here you can edit or add to all basic settings of the Review. Entering new information in the Information section is as simple as updating the appropriate field.

Resources:  This section allows you to add/remove resources in the Review.

Updating the Resources should have you doing additions first, then deletions.  To remove a Resource, click on the X beside their name/team/role.

Assets: This section allows you to add/remove Assets from the Review.

Updating Assets should also have additions done first and then removals.  To remove an Asset, uncheck the box beside the asset. When you have made all required edits, click Save. 

An email notification will be sent to reviewers informing them the review has been updated.

Any new Resources added will receive an invitation to the Review.


You now know how to create and edit Feedback and Approval Reviews in ConceptShare allowing you to capture organized, traceable feedback and know when to proceed with each item.

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