Project Resources

Resources are the people who have been added to ConceptShare. As you manage a Project you will have different people who need to contribute in different ways.
Depending on your Project Role, you may or may not be able to Add, or Remove Resources on your Project.  Check with your Account Administrator for more information.

Step 1

Open the Project from the Projects dashboard.

Step 2



Click on the Resources tab at the top of the screen to open the dashboard with your Resources listed alphabetically by name.

Step 3

Once in the Resources screen, you can use any of the sorting, filtering and search tools to find the existing Resource you're looking for.

Note: Some ConceptShare accounts are able to add External Reviewers. If there are External Reviewers in your account they will only be visible in the review they are participating in. See the article below for more information on working with External Reviewers

Step 1


  • Select a Project Role from the drop down list on the left side of the Resources screen.
  • If you do not select a Role that Resource's default Role will be used.

Step 2

  • Type the Resource name or email address in the Add Resource to Project field and click on your desired Individual, Team or Role.
  • This adds the new Resource to your Project and assigns the Project Role selected.  Any email digests that resource has created are copied to the project for them at this time.
  • If the Resource is not yet part of the account, you will be prompted to enter more information for the user and they will be sent an invitation to setup their ConceptShare account.

Select the card of the resource(s) you wish to edit, then Click the List button.


  • Change Project Role: of one or more resources.  Choose the new role from the selector and their permissions will be updated for this project.
!Note: You will be unable to change the project role for the owner of the Project unless a new owner is assigned first.

  • Remove from Project: This will remove this resource from the project. A Removed Resource will no longer be able to participate, and will no longer receive any e-mail updates about the Project.  The project owner can not be removed from their project unless a new owner is assigned first.  If the resource was assigned items they will resolve as follows:
    • Deliverable Owner - Ownership will be maintained
    • To-Do assigned - Assignment will revert to the project owner
    • Review assigned - If responses, or feedback have been given they will will remain, however anything not published, or submitted will be lost.  The resource will be removed from the review.
    • If resources should be reassigned differently, be sure to make those changes before removing your resource.


Now you know how to invite people to participate in your Projects. You’ll now be able to manage your Creative Operations efficiently and effectively, making sure that everyone is involved in the right Projects with the proper Role permissions.

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