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The Activity Feed is a one stop shop for keeping up with everything that's going on in your ConceptShare Account. From the Activity Feed, you can see how your Projects are progressing, what Assets have been uploaded, how Reviews are moving ahead and more. You can also post comments and participate in Reviews.


Open the Global Activity Feed by clicking Activity in the left hand Navigation Panel.

To control what information is displayed on your Global Activity Feed, click the Filter icon at the top right of the Feed.

What actions can I perform in the Global Activity Feed?

  • In addition to viewing activity, you can interact via the Activity Feeds.

  • The Activity Feed allows you to post status updates directly, similar to the way you interact with various Social Media sites.

  • You can read Review Instructions or Launch a Review you're participating in by clicking the Review Instructions or Launch Review links.

  • You can reply to Review comments.

  • Click the chevron icon next to any item in the Activity Feed, to access additional options specific to that item. 


Project Activity Feeds work in a very similar way to the Global Activity Feed, but are specific to a single Project or Deliverable.  Click Projects on the left hand Navigation and click the name of a project to open it.

  • Add Assets to your Project or Deliverable from the Activity Feed by clicking on the paper clip icon.

  • This opens the Add Files dialogue box. See the Assets section for details on the options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I changed the activity feed filter on one project, now all my projects are filtered that way, why?

Whenever you modify that filter list on one project we save the changes, and any/all other projects will load with those filter settings.


You now know how to interact with ConceptShare through the Activity Feeds.  This is a quick and simple way for you to both keep on top of what's happening in your Projects and directly collaborate with your colleagues. 

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