June 2017 SRS Release Notes

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FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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Installer File Available for On-Premise Installations 6.5: SRS | June 28 2017


  • Other: Polling background backplane setup
  • Other: Queue: Immediate archive of QueueItems


  • Feedback Summary: Deferred to visible in summary on accounts without that feature
  • Project Roles: Edits do not carry over to existing projects
  • Work screen: List population slow to display results SRS | June 22 2017


  • Other: Updated Aspose Licensing


  • Assets: Grid - Restore Folder Indicators
  • Login: Review notifications before authentication not permitting access after authentication
  • Other: Database Migration: Schema\2017\047 - entryAlreadyAdded-localization.sql added as content
  • Projects: Scrolling three times generates overenthusiastic response
  • Resources: User Combo box does not allow both a user list and a Add New User option to appear at the same time
  • Reviews: Net new user can be added twice in a row
  • Settings: New User profile thumbnails broken
  • Settings: Problem with General User setting own preferences SRS | June 15 2017


  • Assets: Folder Comments Check Causing Slow Downs SRS| June 14 2017 

!Note: The comment rules feature was removed from the product.   Any comments which were previously restricted due to these rules will now be visible.


  • Assets: Card information enhanced for Folders and Assets - count unread, not viewed and manage
  • Admin Panel: Account level enabling of text annotation and referencing in the Proofing Workspace
  • Integration: Update JSON tests for continuity


  • Activity Feed: Delete and Restore a project will break the activity feed
  • Activity Feed: Project - Removing a Resource from account creates multiple Project Activity Feed Entries
  • Assets: List View - Name column does not expand properly
  • Assets: PPTX that gets stuck in processing
  • Deliverables: Date Picker fields still populating after save and Cancel
  • Deliverables: User able to access assets in private deliverable
  • Integrations: Adding assets when in Blob Storage fails
  • Permissions: Set the Default to On to Filter the Activity Feed
  • Project Template: SelectProjectList very intensive on P2 DB
  • Proofing Workspace: Compare Lab - Tablet - Mode - Toolbar - Buttons Overlap
  • Proofing Workspace: Open/Close PDF causes JS error (5872ref.)
  • Proofing Workspace: Tablet: Formatting issues with zoom slider in portrait mode
  • Proofing Workspace: Text Search Comment - Prev/Next - Search Term Highlight Removed
  • Reporting: Prevent RequestItem metrics from going to New Relic
  • Resources: Duplicate User and Team Roles - Cannot Upload Assets
  • Settings: "Now" in the Date Time selector doesn't work properly
  • Settings: Drop downs for categories with no options should say none and not be able to drop down
  • Smart Folders: Edit Asset - Specify Project - Choose Folder
  • Workflow: Update history to ID phase changes as Phase not Status
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