May 2017 FRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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Installer File Available for On-Premise Installations 5.5.13: FRS | May. 24 2017


  • API: Callbacks fail when TLS 1.0 is disabled
  • Other: TLS 1.1 + TLS 1.2 are now supported (TLS 1.0 no longer supported) FRS | May. 19 2017


  • Other: New Relic 'Launched feedback review' PageAction incorrect
  • Other: Queue - Maintenance does not purge asset files
  • Proofing Workspace: Comment Pins do not automatically scroll to associated comment when the document has many comments (comment virtualization)
  • Reviews: Compare Lab: Comments on previous version not visible when review comments only enabled FRS | FRS | May. 03 2017


  • Notifications: Email Update Request should display confirmation email
  • Permissions: Instance Admin not respecting Instance_users_manage_permission to access resources from other accounts
  • Other: Image.ashx security vulnerabilities
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