May 2017 SRS Release Notes

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Installer File Available for On-Premise Installations 6.4.0: SRS| May. 24 2017 


  • Other: Polling changes and addition of refresh functions on dashboards
  • Other: Further Blob storage support
  • Other: TLS 1.1 + TLS 1.2 are now supported (TLS 1.0 no longer supported)


  • Activity Feed: Creating a To-do not visible in the feed
  • API: Callbacks fail when TLS 1.0 is disabled
  • Assets & Reviews: IE Copy To Clipboard sends confirmation even when disabled
  • Assets: TIF file that fails to process
  • Assets: undefine asset id
  • Deliverables: Resources page has console errors and toolbar fails to load
  • Deliverables: Tab navigation to the date field not populating today selection made
  • Other: New Relic 'Launched feedback review' PageAction incorrect
  • Other: Queue: 64-bit tools are not being utilized
  • Proofing Workspace: Comment Pins do not automatically scroll to associated comment when the document has many comments (comment virtualization)
  • Proofing Workspace: Compare Lab - Pasting a /compare URL twice in a row doesn't redirect to correct location
  • Proofing Workspace: Draw Tool is offset
  • Proofing Workspace: Image Markup does not generate error if a non image file is selected.
  • Resources: Asset Finalize Procedure Slow
  • Reviews: Globally Approved Calculation not triggered when resource is removed from project
  • Reviews: Mobile review with electronic signatures required shows up in feed| May. 10 2017 


  • Notifications: Resend email invites for unregistered users do not go out (Login and Resources pages)
  • Reviews: Mobile - Can't provide responses on a Review but appears in yellow
  • Reviews: Custom Form information not maintained once Review launched| May. 05 2017 


  • Integrations: Jira and Netsuite Review Dialog - Cannot Open
  • Projects: Changing Phase Group with Invalid Phase causes error
  • Reviews: Compare Lab: Comments on previous version not visible when review comments only enabled
  • Reviews: External Reviewers have no access - Not Directed to correct page
  • Reviews: Mobile - For a  Submitted Review - Review Response Menu Condensed
  • Settings: Removing deliverable phases not recognized SRS | May. 03 2017


  • Admin Panel: Account Types to provide an identifying marker for Demo, POC, Production, etc. accounts on a given domain
  • API: The callback USER_FORGOT_PASSWORD has changed.  The parameter USERLASTNAME has been changed to USER_LASTNAME (with an underscore)
  • Other: Blob Storage
  • For API users please note the changes needed:

    Aside from the standard procedures when there are updates to the API (such as updating your WSDL), for this update, it is important to note the following changes.

    Added the 'type' property to the AddAccount heading

    Added the 'type' property to the UpdateAccount heading

    Added a new heading called AccountType under the User Defined Data Types section


  • Admin Panel: Roles with permission to manage users cannot add new users
  • API: Adding a callback with null for account id populates current account
  • API: All Account callbacks are being created as Global callbacks
  • API: Calling any API method with a null key in upload Parameters results in a 500 Error, should be INVALID_PARAMETER
  • API: Parameter mapped incorrectly
  • Assets: Error uploading HTML5 assets
  • Custom Forms: Mandatory fields on Asset not respected
  • Mobile: My Reviews: Completed Reviews without a Response still show up in list
  • Notifications: Email Update Request should display confirmation email
  • Notifications: Random numbers appear before user's name in comment email
  • Notifications: Review has been updated - Link needs to be Encrypted
  • Notifications: Review has been updated - Pre Auth'd Links Enabled
  • Other: Image.ashx security vulnerabilities
  • Permissions: Instance Admin not respecting Instance_users_manage_permission to access resources from other accounts
  • Proofing Workspace: Invalid Asset ID - Spins Forever
  • Resources: Hover on suggested resources does not display full name/team/role name
  • Reviews: External Reviewers - Access to Multiple Reviews
  • Reviews: External Reviewers - Redirects to Google on Removal
  • Reviews: External Reviewers Comment Avatar presenting 404
  • Settings: Header Text Default Logo does not match preview
  • Smart Forms: Color Indicator - Incorrect Position


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