How do I create a project?

 *Depending on your Account and Project Roles, you may or may not be able to create/edit Projects. Contact your Account Administrator for more permissions.

Step 1

Click Projects on the Lefthand Navigation Panel to create a new Project and view all existing Projects. 

This will open the Projects dashboard, displaying a list of Projects you are a part of. 



Step 2

Click the + (Add Project) button. This will open the Project Wizard dialogue box.

The Blank Project, Based on a Template and Create Template icons will appear

  • Blank Project: Create a Project where all fields are empty until you populate them
  • Based on Template: Create a Project based on an existing Project Template 
  • Create Template: Create a Project Template that can be used when creating a project in the future 


Step 3

Regardless of whether you choose to use a Project Template or create a blank Project, the only field that needs to be populated is the Project Name Field. Additional information can be added (or edited in the case of a Project Template) by clicking More Options. When you have filled out all required information, click Save

Note:The Project Owner or users with the appropriate permissions will be able to make edits to the Project at any time. 



You have created a Project in ConceptShare. Next you will want to begin gathering feedback on your Assets, from your Reviewers.


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