How do I begin a project?

 *Depending on your Account and Project Roles, you may or may not be able to create/edit Projects. Contact your Account Administrator for more permissions.


Step 1
To create a new Project, or view all existing Projects in ConceptShare, click Projects in the Navigation Panel.

This will open the Projects dashboard, displaying a list of all Projects you are currently involved in, or have permission to see.




Step 2

Click the Add Project button. This will open the Project Wizard dialogue box.

You will have the options Blank Project, Based on a Template, or Create Template

Click Blank Project: This option will create a new Project in ConceptShare and will open the New Project dialogue box.


Step 3

At its most basic level, the only information ConceptShare needs to be able to create a new Project is a Project Name. Additional settings can be added by clicking More Options, or by editing the Project later. Enter a Name for your Project and click Save to create your new Project.



You have created a Project in ConceptShare. Next you will want to begin adding Assets, and inviting people to collaborate, and review.


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