Configuring the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA

This article will show you how to configure the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA administrators.


This article assumes that you have already installed the Add-on via the JIRA Marketplace, and that you have already been setup as an Administrator in the ConceptShare account provided to you.


  1. Jira Cloud or Jira Server (version 7 or 8)

  2. For both Jira Cloud and Jira Server, the ConceptShare user credentials you provide in the steps highlighted below is used by the plugin to communicate with ConceptShare and perform actions. It's advisable that the ConceptShare account admin user be specifically created for use with the Jira integration, rather than reusing a personal account from a human user. People's personal ConceptShare accounts might be deleted or deactivated over time, or they may have their roles changed, which could inadvertently disrupt the plugin's functionality for everyone using the integration.

Under the Administration section of your JIRA account, you will need to navigate to the Add-ons Section, and Manage Add-ons. You should see the ConceptShare-Jira Add-on. By selecting it, you should click on Configure.

This will bring you to the screen below:


Each of the fields will have been provided to you when the ConceptShare instance was setup, you will need to enter them here for the Add-on to function properly. 

*Note: The ConceptShare Username and Password are the credentials for the ConceptShare account admin user, NOT your JIRA credentials. 

After all fields have been filled out, click Configure Add-on. This configuration process can take a few minutes.

 For users to authenticate and use the integration they will need to make their email addresses accessible (as that is their ConceptShare user ID).  Please ensure that users have gone to their profile, selected manage your account,


and made their email address visible to anyone so that they can authenticate to ConceptShare.




You have successfully configured the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA. You can now add the ConceptShare Issue Types to your existing and new JIRA Projects!

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