Configuring the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA

This article will show you how to configure the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA administrators. 

It is assumed that you have already installed the Add-on via the JIRA Marketplace, and that you have already been setup as an Administrator in the ConceptShare instance provided to you. If you have not been setup in ConceptShare yet, or are experiencing errors during this configuration, please reach out to for assistance.

Under the Administration section of your JIRA account, you will need to navigate to the Add-ons Section, and Manage Add-ons. You should see the ConceptShare-Jira Add-on. By selecting it, you should click on Configure

This will bring you to the screen below:


Each of the fields will have been provided to you when the ConceptShare instance was setup, you will need to enter them here for the Add-on to function properly. 

*Note: The ConceptShare Username and Password are the Username/Password combination for the ConceptShare account, NOT your JIRA account. 

After all fields have been filled out, click Configure Add-on. This configuration process can take a few minutes.



You have successfully configured the ConceptShare Add-on for JIRA. You can now add the ConceptShare Issue Types to your existing and new JIRA Projects!

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