Editing/Versioning a Review in JIRA

To edit an In Progress Review through the JIRA integration, navigate in JIRA to the Issue Card associated with that Review, and under ConceptShare Review, click Configure. This will open the Review Dialog. 

To Version:

There are two ways to Version an Asset.

1. Drag the latest Version of the Asset onto the thumbnail of the old version, as shown below.



2. Click the thumbnail of the Asset you wish to version. This will display the version icon, below Delete. Clicking it will open a File Browser allowing you to find the file you wish to version with.



When you are done Versioning your Assets, click Save Changes to complete the versioning process. This will notify your Reviewers that updated Versions have been uploaded to the Review, requiring them to provide new Review Responses.

Note: You can undo the Versioning of an Asset by clicking the thumbnail of the Asset then clicking the Undo icon. This can only be done BEFORE  you click  Save Changes. You can also discard any changes made by clicking Cancel at anytime BEFORE you click Save Changes.


To Delete an Asset:

Click the Thumbnail of the Asset that you wish to delete. You can then click the Delete Icon to remove the Asset from the Review. *Note that deleting an Asset will delete all previous versions of that Asset, and all feedback/responses on it as well.



Click Save Changes to confirm the deletion(s). You can click Cancel at any time to undo any deletions.

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