April 2017 SRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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JIRA Marketplace Addon version 1.1.1-AC | Apr. 20 2017


  • JIRA: Error while configuring the Add-on SRS | Apr. 12 2017


  • Advanced Search: Slow response and pinning DB activity
  • NetSuite: User listed twice in Review Dialog
  • Project: Version icon not visible in fourth row of assets
  • Proofing Workspace: Asset Info Panel Hidden
  • Reviews: Removing all versioned assets from a review causes console error and breaks the review SRS | Apr. 10 2017

New Features:


  • Notifications: Style and Content Upgrade for existing email messaging
    !Note: Custom Instructions for On Premise customers

  • Reviews: Instructions field no longer required


  • Feedback Summary: Reviews replies list twice
  • Integration: JIRA: User Limits and Inactive Users Error messaging not displayed
  • Notifications: Emails don't display External Reviewer Email Address & Avatar
  • Notifications: Net New User Added to Review - Does not receive review notification
  • Other: Document Process URL in settings
  • Permissions: User able to post general comments to Activity Feed when permission disabled
  • Proofing Workspace: Saving Comment Filter - ignores Filter Criteria
  • Reviews: Create review dialog unable to move aside
  • Review & To-Dos: Reminders - Picking a reminder of 0 minutes does not save
  • Smart Folders: Display too low in Navigation Panel SRS | Apr. 03 2017


  • Assets: No Asset Card Displayed on Upload
  • Other: Polling stops after resuming from laptop sleep mode
  • Permissions: Opening Asset give Permission Denied
  • Reviews: URL Copy to Clipboard not capturing new data without refresh
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