Creating a ConceptShare Issue and Review

This article assumes that you have already added the ConceptShare Review Issue and Sub-Task Types to the Project in JIRA that you want to create the Issue and Sub-Tasks for. If you have not and would like instructions how, follow the link here:

This article will use the Issue Card to show how to create a ConceptShare Review in JIRA. The process for creating a Review on a Sub-Task is the exact same.


Begin by clicking Create, which pulls up the Create issue dialog. Under Issue Type, you will want to select ConceptShare Review Issue, as shown below.



The only mandatory fields required for ConceptShare Review Issues are the Summary Field and the Reporter Field. 

Note: Your individual setup of JIRA may have other fields that are shown or made mandatory. Due to the customized nature of those fields, and that they are not required by the ConceptShare Integration, they will not be covered by this documentation.


On the Issue Card, there will be section unique to all ConceptShare Issues, titled ConceptShare Review. Click Configure to open the Review Dialog.



Items to Review: You can either click Browse to open your file browser to navigate to the Assets you want to add to the Review, or you can simply drag and drop the Assets onto the Items to Review box. 

ConceptShare supports many different file types, for a full listing of supported file types see this article: ConceptShare's Supported File Types

Review Name: This defaults to the name of the Issue. This can be changed, and will be shown to your Reviewers as the name of the Review.

Review Type: Approval Reviews are Reviews that require all Reviewers to give a Formal Response of either Approved or Rejected for each Asset in the Review, on top of any Feedback they would like to leave. Feedback Reviews do have an an Approved or Rejected Response.

Auto Approve Rule: Can either be Off or If Everyone Approves. When set to 'If Everyone Approves' when all Reviewers Approve all Assets in the Review, the Assets will be marked as Global Approved and the Review will automatically Complete.

Instructions: You can use this field to add any important instructions to your Reviewers here. 

Status: Defaults to In Progress, can also be set to Not Started or Completed. 

Due Date: This will be the Due Date that the Reviewers will see as when they need to Complete the Review by.

People: This list will show all users currently in your ConceptShare account. You can select as many Reviewers as needed for this Review, and can use the filter option to find specific users faster. 

Once you have configured everything click Create Review to continue.



Congratulations, you have successfully created your ConceptShare Issue and configured the ConceptShare Review that is associated with it. Your Reviewers will have received an email notification directing them to the Review in ConceptShare to give their feedback. 

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