Spring 2017

May 2017

Polling Project:

Your users will notice changes to the way ConceptShare updates dashboards, activity feeds and administrator setting views.

What changes? 

That depends on the area of ConceptShare...

  • Proofing Workspace? Nothing changes.
  • Activity Feed? This will continue to update every 2 minutes.
  • Dashboards (Project, Review, etc.)? Most dashboards will stop polling for updates and will instead provide a refresh button so that you can update the display as needed. Changes you make will be visible on the dashboard, but changes made by others will require you to click refresh before they will be displayed.
  • Settings? These will also have a refresh button added to allow you to update the information displayed.
  • Work Screen? The refresh button moves to synchronize with the design of the other views.


We are conducting an exercise to determine the best methods for polling the information you need to see.  Ultimately, we want to achieve less impact on the database which means faster load times for you.  This is the beginning stage of that project.


Also in this release, the default home screen has been updated to no longer default to the Activity Feed.  Users with proper permissions can change their personal home screen (to their choice of Work, Projects or Activity Feed) if desired.


March 2017

External Reviewers Feature:

Get feedback fast from non - ConceptShare Users

We're always striving to make ConceptShare as easy to use as possible. With the new External Reviewers feature, you can now invite external users to provide feedback on assets without requiring them to create a ConceptShare account.

This in-demand feature lets you invite external stakeholders into a Review, where they can provide their markup and feedback without granting full access to your ConceptShare account.

This is helpful in situations such as:

  • An executive needs to approve assets for an upcoming release
  • A client wants to give feedback on materials for a scheduled campaign
  • An external "content expert" is invited to give specialized feedback

Inviting External Reviewers is easy:

To invite an external reviewer to provide their feedback simply create a review as you normally would, and enter their email address to invite them. This will only give external reviewers access to that particular review and associated assets, without giving them access to any other areas of ConceptShare.

Added as external reviewer.png

External Reviewers will receive an email invitation with a link to the review where they can access the Proofing Workspace and provide their feedback:
Ext Review Comment .png

Review Instructions Are No Longer Required

We understand that not all Reviews require extensive instructions. With this latest release, adding instructions to a Review is now optional. If specific instructions are necessary to help move an asset to an Approved status faster, you can include them. If not, you can leave that field blank.



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