On-Premise Installation - General Update Instructions


ConceptShare will make a new installer file available for each release published.  Your IT team will be advised by email when a new file is available.

The release notes detailing the contents of each release and a link to the installer files can be found here:  

Note: SRS Customers and Partners need to maintain their instance on the newest version of ConceptShare.

Note: FRS Customers and Partners need to maintain their instance on any one of the two supported FRS branches; a new branch being released each quarter, and each of which supported for six months from the date of release.



The updates ensure your instance maintains current status and stability as we move to the next release cycle. If a previous release was not installed, please install the releases in calendar order.

  1. IMPORTANT: Back up both the web.config (Website) and ConceptShare.V4.Queue.exe.config (QueueApp) files as they will be overwritten during the upgrade and will remove any custom settings
  2. Copy the .LIC file from your current installer program to the new version just downloaded in the “Licenses” folder. 
  3. Run the installer that came with the download, go to the ConceptShare updates section and apply the update in question. 
  4. This updates the queue, website, and DB specified in the settings. If you have load-balancers, or other systems in place, you’ll have to update those files by manually copying them from the update folder (or from the freshly updated folders). This will complete the deployment of this release.


The first course of action for reported bugs on a non supported instance is to request the IT team bring the instance up to date and replicate the issue. 


 You have successfully updated your ConceptShare On Premise deployment.


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