January 2018 SRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

Switch to FRS Release notes | Jan. 23 2018


  • Promoting Feedback



  • Proofing Workspace: Move feedback to another PDF page
  • Other: Deployment: Installer Seed For Migrator



  • Other: Blob storage 404s reporting to AI
  • Proofing Workspace: Markers not displaying accurate pointers on multipage document
  • Settings: Feedback Flags: New accounts don't have default flags.
  • Settings: Moving Account From Enterprise to OEM doesn't reset/clear appropriate account settings | Jan. 11 2018


  • API: HTML5 assets are not treated as video until fully processed
  • Projects: Archive no longer generates
  • Proofing WorkSpace: Edit Text Search - 2up Mode - Highlights disappear on right side
  • Proofing WorkSpace: Text Search - 2up Mode - Activity Feed/Feedback Summary Position is Off
  • Proofing WorkSpace: Text Search doesn't render on page two
  • Resources: External Reviewers Promoted to Regular Users are Restricted from Project they are Members of | Jan. 04 2018


  • Instrumentation: Reporting CsExceptions as Errors
  • Projects: Notifications received for a inaccessible project that isn't listing an event deletion item
  • Mobile: Feedback Review does not appear in MyReviews view
  • Mobile: Reviews response options not accurate to type of review (Feedback)
  • Proofing Workspace: Slow loading warning is showing up when it shouldn't
  • Other: Event Tracking is not Updated to remove Sandbox for a fresh DB
  • Proofing WorkSpace: Comment replies not ordered properly
  • Activity Feed: (Main/Project) - Comment ^ Menu Unavailable
  • Proofing Workspace: Annotations appear on the wrong page
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