Using Feedback Flags


  • Feedback Flags allow users to categorize the feedback submitted in ConceptShare. 
  • Flag Resolutions allow users to indicate a response to the flagged comment. 
  • Filters can be applied to Flags, Flag Resolutions, or both to allow users to focus on the information important to them.
  • Feedback Flags and Flag Resolutions can be customized by the Account Administrator.
  • Use Feedback Flag and Resolve Flag Permissions are required to add/edit/resolve flags for any piece of Feedback.

To Flag a Comment

  1. Load an asset in the Proofing WorkSpace
  2. Click the shadowed flag in the top right of your feedback.
  3. The list of available Flags will appear so you can choose the desired one. 
    After you've flagged a comment, the flag type used will be set as your default flag setting.  Click the flag again to view the drop down to change the flag selection.



To Add a Resolution

  1. Click on the Flag you'd like to resolve
  2. Choose "Resolve Flag"
  3. The list of available Resolutions will appear so you can choose the desired one.



To Apply a Filter:

  1. Click the Filter_Icon.PNG icon on the Feedback panel
  2. Choose your filter criteria

Tip: Filters can also be saved for quick access next time you are in the Proofing WorkSpace





You now know how to apply Flags and Resolutions to categorize feedback in the Proofing Workspace.

For more detailed information about the Proofing Workspace and its tools, please see the related articles in this section.


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