December 2017 SRS Release Notes

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6.9.0-SRS | Dec. 13 2017


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  • Feedback Flag Resolutions


  • Assets: Adding a New Folder Does not Complete without Refresh
  • Assets: Documents - Cannot pan when zoomed
  • Assets: PDFs with excessive image dimensions are too big to handle in browser or ImageMagick
  • Assets: Processing icon is above drag-to-select region
  • Assets: Video: Closing browser mid-download of blob asset causes operations notification spikes
  • Assets: When uploading nothing indicates user cannot upload folder
  • Assets: Word doc with strange formatting symbol fails to convert
  • Feedback Summary: Failing to generate due to exception in instrumentation service
  • Other: All intercom messages being sent to prod by default, should be dev
  • Project and Deliverable: Info Screen long names overrun other text
  • Reporting: SPROC missing required parameter
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