Feedback Flags and Resolutions


  • Feedback Flags allow users to categorize published feedback in the Proofing WorkSpace
  • Flag Resolutions allow users to update a flagged comment with a resolution 
  • Filters can be applied to flags, resolutions, or both allowing users to focus on the information they need
  • Flags and resolutions can be customized by the Account Administrator making them resonate with your team and how they work

To flag a comment

  1. Open an asset with an existing comment in the Proofing WorkSpace
  2. Click the shadowed flag in the top right of the feedback box
  3. Choose the desired flag from the dropdown menu



To Add a Resolution

  1. Navigate to a flagged comment in the Proofing Workspace
  2. Click the flag icon
  3. Select "Resolve Flag >"
  4. Choose the appropriate flag resolution from the appearing dropdown menu



To Apply a Filter:

  1. Click the Filter_Icon.PNG icon on the feedback panel
  2. Choose your filter criteria

Pro Tip: Filters can be saved for quick access next time you are in the Proofing Workspace



Answers to FAQ: 

  • Flags are only visible in the Proofing Workspace or in the Feedback Summary
  • There can only be one flag/resolution per piece of feedback
  • Only a comment with an existing flag can be updated with a resolution 
  • A user requires project role permissions to "Use Feedback Flags" in order to to add/edit flags
  • A user requires project role permissions to "Resolve Flags" in order to add/edit Flag Resolutions on feedback
  • Your default flag type is the last flag used. The default flag can be changed by clicking the flag icon a second time.
  • There are no email notifications linked to flags and resolutions.



You now know how to apply Flags and Resolutions to categorize feedback in the Proofing Workspace.

For more detailed information about the Proofing Workspace and its tools, please see the articles below.


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