What's New! December 2017

The ability to curate the feedback you receive is now available with Feedback Flags!



Flags allow you to categorize feedback in the Proofing WorkSpace, apply a Resolution to those Flags, and use the Flags and Resolutions to Filter your feedback.


Wondering how Flags can help your Creative Operations Flow?

Each account can customize flags and resolutions to suit the needs of their teams.

Here are a couple stories of how your Review and Approval cycle could improve with Flags and Resolutions:


The agency uploads assets associated with a client's upcoming campaign into ConceptShare.

Multiple clients add feedback.


The senior client submits feedback of their own then uses Feedback Flags to point out which items are actionable/not actionable to the agency. 


The agency can easily discern which items need to be addressed and which do not by the colour of the flags, or to clarify they can hover over the flag to see the name.

The agency then easily communicate when changes are made to the agency by resolving each "actionable" flag with "resolved".


!Note Everyone involved is able to filter the feedback by flag type to keep up to date and confirm all action items are addressed



Reviewers from various sections of a large company (legal, brand, etc) provide feedback on assets associated with an upcoming campaign in ConceptShare.


The Project Manager reviews submitted feedback then uses Feedback Flags to assign actionable items to the appropriate team. Each team has their own flag.



The Creatives assigned to this campaign can easily determine who is responsible for making each change.

Creatives can easily communicate when changes are completed to the PM by setting Feedback Flags assigned to themselves as "complete".


!Note Everyone involved is able to filter the feedback by flag type to keep up to date and confirm all action items are addressed


Meet with your teams and brainstorm what options are best for how you work!

Here are some ideas for custom flags and resolutions that might be valuable to your team:

  • Has your team always wanted to be able to mark the type of change requested?
    Consider: Copy, Branding, Creative, Retouching, etc.
  • Has your team wanted to be able to indicate which expert provided the feedback?
    Consider: Compliance, Legal, Brand, Agency, Client, Executive, etc.
  • Has your team wanted to be able to see a response to their feedback?
    Consider: Escalated, Cut, Replaced, Change not made, Resolved, Sign Off Needed, etc.

!Note If you are using Custom Project Roles, your administrator will need to enable the Project Role Permissions to Use Feedback Flags. To resolve Flags, they will also want to ensure the Roles have Edit Feedback permissions enabled.

Need a hand optimizing this feature? We are happy to discuss how to make the most of the Feedback Flags.

Try out Flags and Resolutions and let us know what you think!


The ConceptShare Customer Success Team

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