November 2017 SRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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  • Account Settings: ConceptShare password expires for SAML users
  • Assets: Actions Dropdown not available on info screen
  • Assets: Can only be moved into another folder
  • Assets: Cards View Scrolling is choppy
  • Assets: Do not appear in consistent order
  • Notifications: Resend invite setting phrasing is ambiguous
  • Performance: Select Comments & other operations are taking longer than usual
  • Resources: Users removed from account causes Project Templates to freeze
  • Reviews: Taking Ownership does not add the Review Resource to the Project
  • SAML: Character limit to listed domains that force SAML auth
  • Workflow: Triggered as incorrect owner
  • Workflows: Are being applied to project templates when disabled on account causing project creation to freeze


  • Reporting: Instrument common Business Actions (SOAP or jSON)
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