October 2017 SRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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  • Feedback Summary: Reviews New Reviewers Should Not Show up on Versioned Assets with Submitted Feedback
  • Queue: Adding asset via external url doesn't retry enough
  • Integrations: JIRA: Editing a Review changes the Project Name
  • Reviews: Reviewer unable to submit draft response if assets are added to review
  • Other: QueueProcessingItem is not being logged to tracking monitors
  • Proofing Workspace : Clicking on 'reply' does not activate the feedback reply text area
  • Resources: Soap User Missing Add Resource Text box
  • Soap API : AddVersionedAssetFromExternalUri does not delete new version if asset fails to upload | Oct. 3 2017


  • Resources


  • Smart Folders: Assets not displaying when criteria met
  • Feedback Summary: Not Generating Correctly from Reviews Screen for Globally Approved Review with Versioned Asset
  • Assets: PowerPoint won't convert properly
  • Project Activity Feed: Uploading Asset - Defaults to Reference file
  • Assets: Landscape word file gets read as portrait and cuts off content.
  • Assets: UpdateAsset SPROC under performing
  • Right Click on Asset Tile - Options Menu in wrong position
  • Reviews: Adding an inactive user to a review when over user limit succeeds but the user is not activated
  • Other: Queue logging error on successful deadman snitch requests
  • Integration: Failing Integration Tests
  • Feedback Summary: Failed to generate
  • Permissions: Asset Download on previous version should not be enabled
  • Proofing Workspace: Markup position on documents is sometimes off
  • SAML: Restrict API Authentication
  • Custom Fields missing on Exceptions and Requests
  • Strip PII from authenticaed_user - replace with CSUserID?
  • Download Asset - Asset Tab Download PW Asset Info Tab
  • My Work: Re-Assign work functionality timing out for 5/3
  • SAML: Remove email restriction for admins
  • Integration Tests: SoapApiIntegrationTests fails to clean up instance admins, roles, partner keys
  • Proofing Workspace: Feedback marker displaced in two-page mode
  • Review: Cannot see previous review versions in PW
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