What's New - Fall 2017

SAML Single-Sign-On Authentication available in ConceptShare

With this new feature enabled, users no longer require a separate password when logging into ConceptShare.

ConceptShare users can now be authenticated through their own company’s Active Directory, eliminating the need to create and remember yet another set of credentials in order to access ConceptShare.



Once the feature is configured, users with an active ConceptShare account that are part of the synched company directory need only click the ‘Login’ button on the left side of the login page. When they do, they will be redirected to your Active Directory login, and will only be allowed to access ConceptShare if they can successfully authenticate into your domain. If they are already logged into your domain, they will be authenticated almost instantly and seamlessly redirected back into ConceptShare without even seeing a login screen.

Users with an active ConceptShare account who are not part of the synched company directory will still be able to login as they always have, by entering their existing username and password on the right side of the login page.

Making this feature available to your users requires some effort from your IT team. In addition to configuring the SAML authentication settings in your ConceptShare account, your IT team will need to configure your company’s Active Directory to establish a trust relationship with ConceptShare. It’s important to note that the trust relationship does not grant ConceptShare any access to your user’s active directory credentials. It simply allows ConceptShare to ask your active directory to authenticate users for us, and only informs us if they were able to do so successfully.

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