On-Premise Installation - Renewal Licenses

Your new license file will be delivered via email.


To update to your new license the following steps will need to be taken:

      1. Save the RENEWAL license file and open it in an application that will allow you to edit
        the XML file. (such as: NotePad or NotePad++)
      2. Navigate to the existing “OLD” license file and also open it for editing.
      3. Copy the entire <Data>….</Data> node from the RENEWAL license and replace the
        one in the OLD license. This way you will preserve your overrides/settings.
      4. Save the old license file.
      5. Make sure the RENEWAL license isn’t in the installer path. Either, delete it or move it out
        of the folder tree.
      6. Launch the installer and you should be presented with a screen with installation options.

        NOTE: If you have delayed installing your RENEWAL license file, and ConceptShare
        updates have been released since that time you will need the latest installation file.  Any missing updates should be applied in calendar order The latest installer can be found:

          • Standard Release Schedule:
          • Fixed Release Schedule: At the top of the most recent FRS Release Notes
          • To verify the download:

            1. Open powershell
            2. Navigate to download directory containing archive
            3. Run: get-filehash -path <filename>
            4. Compare to the Hash provided in the Release Notes
      7. Select Manage Database and highlight the “Initialize Database” option and click the
        “Initialize” option. As this step completes successfully it should return with a message
        stating that everything was successfully initialized.
        IMPORTANT: Do NOT restore the DB as it will overwrite your installation. Otherwise, this step does not affect any data. No data (other than contractual details) are changed or modified at this time. Your assets, commenting and other data will remain intact.


The database is installed, configured, and ready for use!


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