January 2017 - ConceptShare Update

January 2017 Product Update 5.4

ConceptShare has been updated to the latest release 5.4 effective January 3rd, 2016. 


We've been working really hard to make ConceptShare faster, smarter, and more intuitive for our customers so that you can be as efficient and productive as possible when it comes to review & approval. 

Here is an overview of changes & features we've added to this release:

Get work done faster with our improved interface

 We're always striving to make ConceptShare as easy to use as possible. This release includes many changes to the general interface for all of the different "dashboards" you use within ConceptShare including Projects, Work, Assets, Reviews, and more. Instead of having an "Actions" button with selections in a drop down, we've moved all of the things you need to do front and center with dedicated icons. Take a tour around your new Projects view, and hover over any icon to see what action it completes. Fewer clicks to get what you need saves time, and means work gets done faster. 

Our new interface let's you take the next steps quickly and easily. 






Get the information you need at a glance with more detailed thumbnails:

You can now see more details on the Assets dashboard with our updated thumbnails: 

  • An icon representing the type of file is in the top left corner.  
  • If a status has been set for the asset the corresponding colour bar will appear under the thumbnail and the card will be shaded with that colour.
  • Underneath the thumbnail, the name of the asset is listed, followed by the name of the person who uploaded it.  
  • The number of versions is displayed in the lower left.
  • Select the assets by clicking on the frame around the thumbnail including using shift+ or ctrl+ to multi-select


Maintain focus on what's important to you with smarter Filters: 

Filters now have "short term memory"! Whatever filter preferences you set will be remembered until you log out, or close ConceptShare. This applies to anywhere you can filter a view. For example, if you've filtered your Projects view to only show Projects that are "Not Started", you can go on about your work elsewhere in ConceptShare, and when you return to your Projects view - you will still see your filtered view of only In Progress Projects.

When the Filter icon is blue, it means the view is currently filtered: 

V5.4 FIlter View On Screencap.png


Find things faster with improved speed & design on searches: 

Previously, the ability to find anything in ConceptShare by using Advanced Search didn't work as quickly as we'd like it to. As part of our mandate to help our customers work as quickly and efficiently as possible, we've completely revamped how Advanced Search works.  Instead of recalculating as someone types, you trigger the search button once you've set your parameters ensuring we target our searches to return fast results.
With these improvements, you can find exactly what you're looking for across your entire account. Go ahead, give it a try - you can find Advanced Search in the left side panel when you log in. 
5.4 Advanced Search Screencap.png


But wait ... there's more!

In addition to the above changes, we've made additional improvements throughout ConceptShare to help you and your teams work more efficiently. You can see all of the latest update, in more detail here.


Encourage your team to try the new features - we’ll be listening closely to your feedback. Let us know what they think! 

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